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How is My Data Stored and Managed on Dema?

Dema employs a unique approach to data storage through the Ceramic Network. Dema combines Ceramic Network's stream-based model with access control provided by Lit Protocol. This method ensures your data, stored in dynamic streams in decentralized storage, remains under your complete control for ultimate sovereignty. Lit Protocol further strengthens this by allowing you to precisely dictate who can access your data. This comprehensive, user-centric system emphasizes privacy, security, and personal data sovereignty, marking a significant advancement from traditional data management practices.

  1. Stream-Based Data Management with Sovereignty: Dema leverages the Ceramic Network's stream-based data model for storing your information. This approach means that your data is stored in dynamic, independently controlled streams. You, as the data owner, have complete sovereignty over these streams, allowing you to manage your data flexibly and securely.
  2. Control and Update with Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): Each data stream is controlled by Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), providing you with cryptographic control over your data. This means that only you have the authority to update or modify your data, reinforcing your sovereignty over your personal information.
  3. Access Control through Lit Protocol: In addition to the decentralized storage and management through the Ceramic Network, Dema uses the Lit Protocol for access control. This protocol allows you to set precise permissions and rules on who can access your data. It ensures that your data is not only secure but also accessible only by individuals or entities that you authorize.
  4. User-Centric Approach to Privacy and Security: Through these technologies and strategies, Dema offers a secure environment for your data storage and management. It gives you, the user, control over your privacy, security, and data sovereignty, differentiating it from traditional centralized systems.

In summary, Dema's approach to storing and managing your data, utilizing the Ceramic Network and Lit Protocol, represents a modern, secure, and user-centric method. It not only ensures the protection and integrity of your data but also empowers you with full control and sovereignty over your personal information.