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Dema Ordering Policy

Dema's ordering policy aims to provide a smooth and secure shopping experience. It covers aspects like product discovery, adding items to the cart, viewing your final cart, pricing, availability, and providing feedback and ratings. The marketplace currently enables search and discovery from Amazon but plans to add other marketplaces search and discovery as well. Sellers are responsible for their own pricing, availability, and shipping, while Dema strives to present the most updated information. Users have the ability to provide feedback on both products and sellers within 60 days of purchase. This feedback is essential for maintaining a vibrant marketplace and helping other buyers make informed decisions.

Discovering Products

Search and Browse

To find a specific item, simply enter the keywords into the search bar and you will see the list of relevant search results from the marketplace that you have chosen (For now we have only enabled Amazon), we will enable discovery experience for other marketplaces as well. After search results, you can use the custom sort options from that marketplace (Amazon) to browse through items.

Add an Item to Cart:

On the product page, you'll find an 'Add to Cart' icon at the bottom of the screen. Click this to add the item to your Dema cart. For more details about the seller, their ratings, and return policies, click on the information icon. Once you've added all desired products, proceed to checkout by clicking the cart icon.

Final cart view:

In the final cart view, you'll see all selected items, their expected delivery dates, and applicable discounts. You can adjust the cart, save items for later, or proceed to checkout using funds from your Dema wallet.


To complete your purchase, use your Dema wallet for payment. If the wallet has insufficient funds, the Dema app will prompt you to top it up using available payment methods (currently Coinbase Pay and external wallets are supported). Upon payment completion, your order is finalized. Tracking information will be provided within 1-2 days of the order being shipped. Order cancellations can be made during this window.

Pricing and Availability:

  1. Sellers are responsible for setting prices, offering discounts, and maintaining inventory.
  2. Dema ensures up-to-date display of this information.
  3. If item availability or pricing changes unfavorably post-purchase, Dema will cancel the order and refund you.
  4. Favorable changes result in a refund of the price difference to your Dema wallet.

Feedback and Ratings:

You can rate your experience with a seller, helping other buyers make informed decisions. You have 60 days from the date of your order to provide both product and seller feedback. Your feedback is very crucial to maintaining a vibrant marketplace, helps sellers to refine their offerings and aids other shoppers in making the right choices. Your reputation also improves with the feedback that you leave.


  1. Feedback should focus on your buying experience, and must adhere to Dema's community guidelines.
  2. To reduce fraud/manipulation in ratings, we limit the amount of feedback that you can provide to only the items that you purchase and also enable the option to provide reviews after you complete a minimum of 5 purchases and 2 months since your first purchase.