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Introduction to Dema

Dema is a decentarlised e-commerce marketplace built on smart contracts, offering seamless, permisonless and inexpensive shopping. Dema drastically reduces costs and empowers users with control and ownership.

Walkthrough Guides

Explore detailed guides on using the Dema app. From searching for products to the nuances of order tracking, these walkthroughs provide a comprehensive understanding of app functionalities


Familiarize yourself with Dema's policies, encompassing returns, shipping, cancellations, ordering, pricing, promotions. This section ensures users are well-informed about the protocols and guidelines governing their interactions on Dema


Get answers to frequently asked questions about shopping on Dema. This section clarifies common queries, offering insights into every aspect of the shopping experience


Delve into Dema’s roadmap to understand the future direction of the platform. This includes upcoming features, and long-term goals, illustrating the platform's commitment to growth and innovation


Our comprehensive litepaper offers an in-depth look at the technological backbone of Dema, explaining how blockchain and smart contracts are used to reshape e-commerce

Key Features of Dema

  • Seamless Shopping Experience: Enjoy a familiar shopping interface, leveraging Amazon’s extensive product catalog for an enhanced experience.
  • Savings on Autopilot: Shop everything on AMazon for 5% lower, get lowest priced sellers and automatically apply all coupons and more savings.
  • Ownership and Governance: Learn about the unique opportunity to own a stake in Dema through Dema Points and participate in the governance of the marketplace.
  • Dema Wallet: Experience a seamless, gasless payment experience with the innovative Dema Wallet, ensuring secure and effortless transactions.
  • Data Ownership and Privacy: With a focus on data sovereignty, Dema ensures your data is managed with utmost security and privacy, using advanced decentralized technologies.
  • Community Participation: Engage with a vibrant community, participate in governance, and contribute to the evolution of this decentralized marketplace.

Engage with Dema

Whether you're a shopper, a seller, or simply interested in the future of e-commerce, Dema offers a platform that caters to all your needs while paving the way for a more democratic and user-centric shopping environment. Explore our documentation to start your journey with Dema.

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