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Shiping and Tracking Policy

At Dema, we prioritize providing a transparent and convenient shopping experience for our customers. As you navigate through product listings, you'll find detailed information about shipping policies, including rates and estimated delivery times. This information is reiterated during the checkout process for your convenience. While Dema suggests general guidelines to our sellers—such as offering free shipping for orders over $35, a 30-day free returns policy, and the provision of tracking information— (Majority of sellers follow these guidelines) it's essential to note that each seller on our platform has the autonomy to set their own shipping policies. This means that shipping rates, delivery times, and return policies can vary from seller to seller. We make this clear at the checkout stage, ensuring that you are fully informed before making your purchase. Although we strive to create a seamless shipping experience, the final responsibility for fulfilling and delivering your orders lies with the individual sellers.

General Shipping Information

  1. Time Frame: Most sellers on Dema aim to process the order and ship items within 1-2 business days of receiving an order, unless otherwise stated in the seller's specific shipping policy.
  2. Delivery expectations: Most sellers are expected to deliver items within 5-8 days of placing the order. They may be expectations for large/seasonal items or seller specific shipping policies.
  3. Shipping Process: Instructions for tracking, carrier details, and estimated delivery date will be provided in the 'Order/Shipping' section of your Dema app.
  4. Seller's Role: Dema provides a recommended general shipping policy to all sellers, but does not mandate shipping policies. While most sellers follow Dema’s guidelines of $35 for free shipping and 5 - 8 days for delivery, along with free returns, sellers can set their shipping policies in coordination with Dema's facilities, ensuring a smooth experience for both buyers and sellers.
  5. Dema's Suggested Policies: Dema provides guidelines on best practices for shipping policies to aid sellers in crafting their own policies.
    • $35 Minimum for free shipping
    • 30 days free returns for applicable products
    • 5-8 days of delivery guarantees
  6. Shipping performance impact on sellers: Seller’s shipping, tracking and return performance would be tracked and affect their rating, including how often they show on search results and how often they win the buy boxes.

Non-Shippable Items

  • Hazardous materials
  • Items exceeding dimensional shipping limits
  • Items subject to export control laws

Tracking Your Package

Method: Tracking information will be updated in the 'Order' section of your Dema app next to your order.

Special Considerations:

  • Each item in a multi-item order may have its own tracking ID and separate delivery dates.
  • If tracking information isn't immediately visible, it could be due to the shipping method chosen or a delay in updating the tracking database.
  • Some carriers may not provide immediate tracking information.
  • Some packages, such as standard international shipments, may not be trackable.
  • If your estimated delivery date has passed and tracking hasn't updated, allow an additional day or two before contacting Dema customer service.

Late Deliveries

  • Initial Steps: If a package doesn’t arrive by the estimated delivery date, check the tracking link for updates.
  • Dema's Role: If the issue persists for more than 1-2 days after the estimated delivery date, contact Dema customer service for assistance.

International Shipping

  • Additional Time: International orders may take longer to arrive and are subject to customs clearance.
  • Tracking: Tracking for international orders depends on the shipping method and carrier selected.

Special Shipping Situations

  • Bulk Orders: Special conditions may apply for bulk orders.
  • Seasonal Items: Items purchased during special seasons may have different shipping windows.

Exceptions and Exclusions

  • Weather Delays: Dema is not responsible for shipping delays due to weather conditions.
  • Incomplete Address: Shipping to incomplete addresses may result in additional charges or delays.