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Example for a seller referral?

Ram, the “inviter” sent John an invitation code. John is now the “invited”. Ram is now able to do that because he has made purchases totaling $90.

Ram’s Referral Bonus Journey Ram continues to earn the regular points award every time he makes a purchase. When John (the “invited”) completes transactions crossing his Dema purchase total over $90, Ram earns 25 points (since this is Ram’s first invitation). Ram now qualifies to get 10% more points on every purchase. On Ram’s next purchase he buys for $100 (before taxes). He earns 100 points for that purchase. He now also earns 10 more points because of the 10% bonus.

John’s Referral Bonus Journey John accepts the invite and signs up with Ram’s code. His first transaction on Dema is for $45. He earns 45 points. His second transaction on Dema is for $48. He earns 48 points. He has now crossed the $90 threshold. He is now also awarded 25 referral bonus points from Ram’s invitation.