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Shopping on Amazon vs Dema

You browse Amazon while in the Dema app to enjoy a familiar and rich product discovery and shopping experience. Dema leverages that discovery process & reviews you trust to give you more where it counts: When you buy! You get the same item from the same seller at lower prices and a whole lot more.

It’s familiarity meeting enhanced benefits:


  1. Leveraging familiar and expansive Amazon's Catalog and discovery: By tapping into Amazon's extensive product range, Dema ensures you have access to one of the largest and most diverse shopping selections available.
  2. Enjoying Lower Prices: While you browse Amazon's catalog on Dema, you get more than just the usual experience - you benefit from reduced prices thanks to Dema's innovative business model.
  3. A Unique Reputation System: Dema goes a step further by offering a reputation-based system that rewards you, potentially leading to even more savings and benefits as you shop.