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Shopping on Dema

Welcome to Dema, where shopping seamlessly integrates with the power of Amazon. This guide will walk you through the steps of searching for products and making purchases within the Dema app. Follow the instructions below for a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

Search Process

  1. Initiating Your Search:

    • Open the Dema app and locate the search bar at the top.
    • Enter your desired keywords, such as product names, categories, or specific features.
    • Hit the 'Search' button.
  2. Amazon Integration:

    • Upon clicking 'Search,' seamlessly access Amazon's search results within the Dema app.
    • Explore detailed product information and customer reviews without leaving the Dema environment.
  3. Selecting Products:

    • Browse through the search results and click on a product that interests you.
    • Explore the detailed product page for specifications, pricing, and user reviews.
  4. Adding to Dema Cart:

    • Found what you need? Tap the 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of the product page.
    • Easily add multiple items to your Dema cart.
  5. Navigation Options:

    • Effortlessly navigate back to search results to compare and explore more products.
    • Tailor your shopping experience by adding as many items as you wish to your Dema cart.
  6. Ready to Buy:

    • Finalize your choices in the Dema cart.
    • Proceed to checkout for a seamless purchasing experience.

Visual Guide

Refer to the accompanying visual guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the search and shopping process on Dema.

Follow these steps, and make your shopping experience on Dema both convenient and enjoyable!