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Cancellation Policy

Dema aims to offer a seamless and flexible cancellation policy that is designed to accommodate your needs while balancing the logistical and operational constraints faced by our sellers. Our policy allows you to initiate a cancellation request through your Dema account (From your Orders section), providing a straightforward way to potentially reverse your purchase. However, it's crucial to understand that the success of a cancellation is not guaranteed and is subject to the specific stage your order has reached in the fulfillment process. The 'Cancel Order' option may also be removed based on certain conditions, such as the availability of tracking information or the logistical complexities of uncombining your package from others. In the event that a cancellation isn't possible, we request you to return the package and if this item is from non-returnable category then please reach out to Dema Customer service to see if we can contact the seller and intervene (Dema can’t guarantee cancellation through this process)

How to Initiate a Cancellation

  1. Initiating a Request: To begin the cancellation process, go to 'My Orders' within your Dema account and select 'Cancel Order.'
  • Note: Cancellation is not guaranteed and depends on the status of your order in the fulfillment and logistics chain.
  • Image: An 'Cancel an Order' image or button will be clearly displayed for your convenience.
  1. Confirmation: If your cancellation request is successful, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address and funds would be credited back to your Dema wallet within a day.
  2. Time Frame for Cancellation: There's no fixed time limit for when you can attempt to cancel an order. However, the 'Cancel Order' option will be removed if the order is too far along in the fulfillment process or if tracking information becomes available.

Reasons a Cancellation May Fail

  • Already Shipped: Your order could have been already shipped or sent for shipping and difficult to call it back. This primarily happens when sellers ship the orders and don’t update the tracking information, leading Dema to still keep the cancellation option live.
  • Logistical Challenges: Your order could be combined with other packages for more efficient shipping. While the 'Cancel Order' option may still appear, the request could fail due to the logistical complexities of uncombining orders.

Cancel Orders - Refund Policy

  • Processing Time: After a successful cancellation, the refund will usually be processed within a day and credited back to your Dema Wallet.
  • Non-Cancellable Orders: If your order has entered the shipping process and cannot be canceled, your best course of action is to initiate a return when you receive the item. If the item is from a non-returnable category, please contact Dema customer service to see if we can contact the seller and intervene (Dema can’t guarantee cancellation through this process).